Liberation of earthbound souls and spirits


Are you haunted? Do you have the feeling that you are not alone in your body and / or your house? Feel free to contact me, I am delighted to help you!


First of all: I LOVE TO FREE EARTHBOOK SOULS! My compassion is infinite for these souls and also for my talent to free them all! It wasn't always like this, however: I learned to free myself, to accept my gift and to use it with love and respect.


When I was one year old, my parents and I moved from the city to a single family home in the country. It was at this time that my traumatic memories began, as I noticed dead souls in our house, often very close to me, all of which were very uncomfortable to look at. Often suffering from hunger and grief and with torn faces and bodies. I didn't understand it and my parents had nothing to do with psychic phenomena. So I closed myself to the "beings" / souls and decided at the age of 8 that I no longer wanted to see. In any case, glasses seemed safer to me. After 35 years, I learned that our house was on a former 17th century cemetery. A time that was marked by famine, epidemics and wars. It took me 40 years to know how to lead earthbound souls into light. With my strength as a spiritual archangel medium, as well as an energetic healer, the language of light, (light language, Our hearts speaks the language of lightLight Language is a channeled language that conveys messages through sound and energy. It is a language that speaks directly to your soul. Although there is no word for word translation, your soul will resonate with the information. )

I succeed in people (occupations) and in Places; To track down land, houses, earthbound souls, to recognize their origins clearly, and to free / remove them.


Price on request.