For your strength, your inner potential, your kindness and dignity, your stability and joy of life, sit back and immerse yourself in the wisdom and connection of your soul and body.

In the spiritual therapy sessions you can choose of a topic of your choice (e.g. health, healing, love, partnership, calling, financial freedom). Together with the divine wisdom, my spiritual team and the power of the archangels, I send you healing, clearing and  supportive and strengthening energy at every appointment.


Receive healing energy that envelops and penetrates you, reveals and releases blockages, provides you with higher energy so that you feel good!

In order to enable body, soul and spirit to process the energies well, please choose only light food and no alcohol, especially 3-4 hours before and after. In individual sessions I always receive important impulses for you from the spiritual world, they are well suited to continue working on current topics and to increase your inner peace and strength.


I look forward to being contacted before booking!

I am legally obliged to point out that spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by the doctor or alternative practitioner. According to the law, no promise of healing may be given.


With your booking you accept and agree all terms and conditions.

spiritual healing & therapy