Hello dear advice seeker, dear wonderful soul.

Nice that you have found me.

For over 12 years I have been advising people lovingly and sensitively;
spiritual, intuitive, clairaudience and clairvoyance.
This gift, which now gives me and my clients a lot of joy, strength and clarity, I completely suppressed as a small child due to traumatic experiences and only returned to this bright and healing path through allegedly incurable diseases have forced me to find solutions. In the meantime, I work completely healed always close with archangels, and give help and support for:
Partnership truth: love, tasks and opportunities.
Profession: Professional perspective in terms of calling, being down to earth and being successful.
Well-being: Tips and possibilities from spiritual and alternative healing practice.
Beyond contacts (animals and relatives): pass on news and not yet said.

For my customers I always prefer light and loving, appreciative and honest advice. Consciousness and solution-oriented. Always for the benefit of you, but possibly not glossing over so that you can move forward with clarity. During each consultation, Reiki and healing energy always flow to you and your situation.
An angel consultation is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what can help us now. Here you can find out which angel (or which angels) is at your side and guides you through your situation in order to make your helpful resources and powers available.

You can ask clear questions or specify a topic. The angels will tell you through me how you can walk your personal path in life easier, more fulfilled and happier. Through my media work as an angel medium and consultant, you will receive new impulses that can support you to get closer to yourself in order to fully develop your potential. In this way you can find out how you can become active yourself to alleviate your misery or to increase your well-being. During each consultation, healing energy flows to you through my channel as a spiritual healer. Through my work, you will get a lot of worth knowing, tailor-made opportunities that may help you to get closer to yourself, to live with love and wisdom here on earth with ease. The angels want to reach you and encourage you to live your truth, to find love and security and to expand. May your well-being succeed and your development be positive.

Best regards,
Juna Elisa Gangkofer
Angel medium, spiritual healer and teacher, Reiki maste



I am legally obliged to point out that spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by the doctor or alternative practitioner. According to the law, no promise of healing may be given.