Here you find a space in which positive changes can come true.


Making positive changes possible for your life, there is my passion in live for. Reach and expand health, strength, love, wellbeing and also prosperity. In cooperation with the spiritual world, I help you to release blockages in order to reach a state of peace, freedom and truth.


See the path of infinite abundance (inside and outside) that opens when you open it.

It is currently possible to book appointments for Brighton by 1 in 1 sessions or Skype.


Spiritual, energetic therapy, MEDIUMSHIP, Angel therapy, reincarnation therapy.


I'm looking forward to supporting you.


Light and love, 


Juna Elisa Gangkofer


Spiritual therapist, medium, spiritual teacher, coach, angel medium, angel therapist, spiritual light worker.




Disclaimer: As the information provided is not yet scientifically recognized, the following is a disclaimer:
The services and information offered are truthful and take place under exclusion of any liability and warranty. A cure cannot be assumed and a promise of healing cannot be made. Spiritual healing, energy transfer and all other information serve to activate the self-healing powers and do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. The information, healings etc. do not constitute medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment, are not therapy and cannot replace treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner or medication.