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I am Juna, a transformational, spiritual coach since 2008. I went from fairly poor and pretty sick to very healthy and quite happy. It was a journey of getting to know who I am, what I want, deserve and what I'd like to offer to the world. As I overcame so many diseases and challenges I realised I have a true passion to help and support others on their way. That's where my trainings begun.  Now I am so happy to share and support others, to release blockages and transform challenges which then automatically leads into finding all the blossoms the world has to offer for you. I moved from Germany to Brighton, England in 2021. 

During my own healing path I tried EVERYTHING to find solutions. I saw and met healers and coaches in Europe, Brazil and India. 

After years of searching and receiving lots of trainings as well, I came to the conclusion what works most beneficial:

So I focus mainly on EFT/Tapping, energy archangel healing, and channelings from the archangels as well as from beloved ones. 

For your strength, your inner potential, your kindness and dignity, your stability and joy of life, immerse yourself in the wisdom and connectedness of your soul and body. Receive answers through EFT and healing energy that helps you to release blockages, provides you with higher energy so that you feel good! Please have a look at my Instagram: @moveandhealwithjuna 

and don't hesitate to contact me for further information.




EFT practitioner

Reiki Master

Archangel Medium

Archangel Healer

Energy healer


Disclaimer: As the information provided is not yet scientifically recognized, the following is a disclaimer:
The services and information offered are truthful and take place under exclusion of any liability and warranty. A cure cannot be assumed and a promise of healing cannot be made. Spiritual healing, energy transfer and all other information serve to activate the self-healing powers and do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. The information, healings etc. do not constitute medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment, are not therapy and cannot replace treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner or medication.