Depending on where you want to set your focus on, I support you in getting into your strength, peace and clarity. With my medial ability and all energetic healing techniques and healing art and/or EFT coaching. You will receive professional support from me on your topics and their solution.

Energy archangel healing + Coaching + EFT/Tapping (emotional freedom technique)

can support you with:

- more & higher energy & joy

- feeling more relaxed & calm

- finding solutions in any part of your life

- abundance inside & outside

releases issues like:

- fears, anxieties, phobias

- blockages

- depression

- immune system

- any kind of addiction

- pain (physical and emotional)

- skin improvement

- cancer

- Underweight & Overweight

- family/ relationship issues

- learning (school & study)


and more....

  • energy healing treatment / spiritual healing/ spiritual support
  • solving ghost haunting and spirit occupations
  • Beyond contacts/afterlife contacts
  • liberate earthbound souls
  • Occupation: Professional perspective in terms of vocation & success.
  • Well-being: Tips and possibilities from spiritual and alternative healing practice. 
  • Reiki (various forms of Reiki)


The appointments take place via Skype or in one of many Therapy rooms in Brighton.


I look forward seeing you! With lots of light & love,




how many sessions do I need? - that's up to you! It could only be just one or over a longer period of time. 

Even though you are just interested in a 30 minutes appointment please use this calendar. You will find different option to choose once you have opened it.

Disclaimer: As the information provided is not yet scientifically recognized, the following is a disclaimer:
The services and information offered are truthful and take place under exclusion of any liability and warranty. A cure cannot be assumed and a promise of healing cannot be made. Spiritual healing, energy transfer and all other information serve to activate the self-healing powers and do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. The information, healings etc. do not constitute medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment, are not therapy and cannot replace treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner or medication.